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What’s on China social media?

What are China netizens up to? Media policies, “healthy” lunch scandal, Most Horrid People 2012… Here you have my latest selection of current discussions, memes and controversies going on… in English! Hope you enjoy them! [View the story “What’s on China social media?” on Storify]

Spain: Journalists Fined After Revealing Corruption in Catalonia

This article is a follow-up to ‘Spain: Two Journalists on Trial for Revealing Corruption in Catalonia‘. Marta Sibina and Albano Dante, editors of the Girona magazine Cafè amb Llet were fined 10,000 euro on Tuesday October 23, 2012, as compensation to Josep Maria Via, president of Barcelona MAR Health Park Consortium and healthcare advisor to Catalan President Artur Mas. The presiding judge, […]

Spain: Two Journalists on Trial after Revealing Corruption in Catalonia

Translated into English by Daniel Bogre Udell. Posted on Global Voices on September 27, 2012. On September 27, 2012 Albano Dante and Marta Sibina, editors of the magazine Cafè amb Llet [ca] of the district Alt Maresme in the Girona province, will face trial in Catalonia, Spain. Josep Maria Via Rodons, president of the Barcelona MAR Health Park […]

China: In Bo Xilai Saga, Did Social Media Challenge Government?

Posted on Global Voices on 11 May 2012. You can read it in Català, Polski, Français, عربي, Español, srpski, bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, Magyar. Political struggle, murder, corruption, espionage and diplomatic conflict – the downfall of Bo Xilai from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) elite ranks has turned out to be a multi-faceted story. The Bo […]

A look into China’s ‘red aristocracy’

A look into China's 'red aristocracy'

A look into China’s billionaire ‘red aristocracy’

The Stream, a social media community with a daily TV show on Al Jazeera, has put together content from different social media sources about Chinese billionaires, known as the ‘red aristocracy’ for their connections with Communist Party leadership.