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China: Bizarre Power Triangle – Sina, the Government and Netizens

Posted on Global Voices on July 31, 2012. Before we get into the rather bizarre power triangle that has come to define Internet communications and technology in China, let’s introduce you to the three characters in this story: Sina: China’s leading Internet company  which is traded on NASDAQ, owns Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network often described as […]

China: In Bo Xilai Saga, Did Social Media Challenge Government?

Posted on Global Voices on 11 May 2012. You can read it in Català, Polski, Français, عربي, Español, srpski, bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, Magyar. Political struggle, murder, corruption, espionage and diplomatic conflict – the downfall of Bo Xilai from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) elite ranks has turned out to be a multi-faceted story. The Bo […]

Is Facebook Trying to Re-enter China?

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come back to China. Several local journalists and netizens spotted him and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in Shanghai last Tuesday, March 27, and once more, rumors spread like fire through the Internet: Is the king of social media working on its reappearance in China? Although Zuckerberg alleged it was just a […]