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La Xina del s. XXI: el judici més important en anys, retransmès via “Twitter”

En mig del judici a Bo Xilai que ha acaparat portades a la premsa d’arreu del món, el govern xinés ha perseguit i arrestat les veus crítiques que s’han atrevit a pronunciar-se a les xarxes socials, un ecosistema de companyies i aplicacions pròpies del país, on l’accés a Internet està controlat i censurat pel govern. […]

What’s on China social media?

What are China netizens up to? The two stories of the week, the nice but fake detention of ten ‘jiefang’ agents in Beijing and the Nobel prize Mo Yan’s words on censorship, seen through China social media… in English! Hope you enjoy them! [View the story “What’s on China social media?” on Storify]

What’s on China social media?

What are China netizens up to? Media policies, “healthy” lunch scandal, Most Horrid People 2012… Here you have my latest selection of current discussions, memes and controversies going on… in English! Hope you enjoy them! [View the story “What’s on China social media?” on Storify]

China: Bizarre Power Triangle – Sina, the Government and Netizens

Posted on Global Voices on July 31, 2012. Before we get into the rather bizarre power triangle that has come to define Internet communications and technology in China, let’s introduce you to the three characters in this story: Sina: China’s leading Internet company  which is traded on NASDAQ, owns Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network often described as […]

YouTube Show Brings China’s Social Media to an English Audience

Posted on Global Voices on July 17, 2012. Want to know what’s going on on China’s social media but cannot speak Chinese? Keep on reading, then. It’s been four months since Elle Lee (@ElleIconLee) and Casey Lau (@hypercasey) opened a YouTube channel to broadcast Weibo Today, a weekly online show spotlighting trending topics from China’s […]

China: In Bo Xilai Saga, Did Social Media Challenge Government?

Posted on Global Voices on 11 May 2012. You can read it in Català, Polski, Français, عربي, Español, srpski, bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, Magyar. Political struggle, murder, corruption, espionage and diplomatic conflict – the downfall of Bo Xilai from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) elite ranks has turned out to be a multi-faceted story. The Bo […]

China: New vBlog Weibo Today


Want to know what happens on China’s social networks but don’t speak Chinese? Blogger Elle Lee has launched its new vBlog Weibo Today, a weekly online show in English where she points out the hottest topics on China’s social networks.

Published on Global Voices.

Mà dura a la Xina contra els “social media”: sis detinguts i setze webs tancades

La notícia s’escampà el dissabte 31 de març de 2012 de bon matí, quan es van connectar els internautes xinesos més matiners: sis persones havien estat detingudes i setze webs tancades per “haver fabricat o disseminat rumors en línia”, segons l’Oficina Nacional Xinesa d’Informació a Internet (SIIO) i la policia de Pequín, tal com ho […]