What can I do for you?

logovio4After more than seven years working in communications media , organizations and PR agencies and two-year expanding my international experiences in China, in January 2013 I decided to start the new year setting up my own business as a freelance.

My commitment is to combine my three personal and professional convictions:

1. Communication, interactions of all types, are the seeds of innovation and social, business and personal growth. 2. We live in a paradigm shift in which companies most likely to succeed are those with a purpose, committed to social and individual change. 3. We are lucky to live in an era when the Internet is multiplying the possibilities of interaction and offering an ideal platform to build links.

What can I do for you?

Services I offer to agencies, businesses and freelance professionals:

– Design and implementation of customized communication plans, both offline and online. Whatever the size and budget of your project, a communication strategy is always useful.

– Support for the management and execution of communication projects. I can adapt to the needs of companies and / or agencies with flexibility and discretion.

– Design and execution of content strategies. Producing and sharing content which adds value to your audiences is an essential part of communications strategies nowadays.

– Online editing (blogs, newsletters, publications) in English, Spanish and Catalan.

– Content Curation Strategies  (English, Spanish, French and / or Catalan). By identifying and sharing quality content about your industry on social networks, we provide value and build emotional links with your audiences.

Who has trusted me before:

– Honda AUSA (Barcelona)
– Sanex/ Colgate Group (Barcelona)
– Manifesta Comunicació Corporativa Corporate (Barcelona)
– Cor Escènic (Valencia)
– Just About Kids International Language Centre (Hong Kong)
– The Columbus Spanish Language and Culture Centre (Hong Kong)

If you trust me , nothing will please me more than to help make your projects grow. Visit…

…my blog to know what I think about trends, tools and discussions on corporate communications and social media tendencies

… my Twitter profile to know what I care about every day

… my LinkedIn profile to discover what I’ve done and what I do

Any of these channels will be good to contact me and imagine future collaborations. See you soon!

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